Thinning Strong vines:  Natural thinning only, 2 ppm GA3 @ 6-8 mm size, no Ethephon for colouring.
Weaker vines: 2 pmm GA3 @ 110% flower for thinning, no spraying for size needed. Promote natural thinning by inducing growth vigour. Additional GA3 for thinning may delay colouring and cause loose berries.
Sizing 1 x 2 ppm GA3 (no sizing sprays necessary if spraying for thinning). Too much GA3 affects colour.
Girdling Sizing sprays can be replaced by girdling.
Ethephon No Ethephon required in Hex River.
Picking Harvest at minimum 21 ˚Brix due to high acidity level to ensure optimum eating quality.
Loose berries Sizing applications of 5 ppm GA3 and higher can increase the occurrence of loose berries.


Harvest date Week 3 to 4 in Hex River Berry attachment Good
Colour Bright red at pedicel-end darker at stylar-end Cap stem size Medium
Sugar at harvest 21˚ Brix Fertility Very high
Berry size treated 19 to 22 mm Vigour Medium on Ramsey
Seed character Soft, rudimentary seed trace Yield 5000 – 5500 cartons / ha, 4.5 kg
Flavour Very good, sweet neutral Hanging ability Good
Flesh texture Meaty flesh, crunchy and juicy Storage ability Very good
Bunch shape and size Medium to short conical Rain tolerance No cracking after two seasons of rain (35 and 75 mm)
Colour development Very good, berries fully coloured Pruning Spur pruning