Labour input Bunches loose and easy to prepare, needs medium work in vineyard and minimum in the packhouse
Thinning Bunches set loose enough (no thinning sprays necessary)
Sizing 1 x 5 ppm GA3 or lower (loose berries may occur), poor effect with higher than 5 ppm GA3.
Girdling Unknown
Ethephon None required in the Berg River and Hex River Valley Regions
Picking Minimum of 18° Brix but not later than 20°Brix due to poor hanging ability after rain


Harvest date Early to mid-season, ripen two to three weeks after Flame Seedless Berry attachment Good
Colour Black Cap stem size Unknown
Sugar at harvest 18 TO 20°Brix Fertility Moderate
Berry size treated 18 to 20 mm in diameter (Untreated 16 to 18 mm in diameter) Vigour Moderate to strong on Ramsey, moderate with 143B Mgt
Seed character Soft, rudimentary seed trace Yield 4000 – 4500 cartons / ha, 4.5 kg
Flavour Neutral Hanging ability Good hanging ability if no rain occurs
Skin and Flesh texture Very good eating qualities, edible skin, firm texture and juicy Storage ability Storage ability good (occurrence of SO2 damage is high)
Bunch shape and size Medium short conical; medium (ideal) bunch size Rain tolerance Berry cracking can occur after rain but less than Flame Seedless
Colour development Very good, berries fully coloured (no ethephon applications required) Pruning Half long bearers