Size Good (Avg. size 180 g/fruit)**
Shape Oblong
Colour Full striped red on yellow ground colour (50-90 % coverage)** White flesh.
Taste & Texture Balanced taste, good aroma and good juice contents and with firm crisp texture
Lenticels Inconspicuous
Stem lenght Intermediate


Growth habit Basitonic shoot distribution

Orthotropic shoot orientation

Poor apical control

Wide crotch angles

Harvest date Second to 3rd week January**
Bearing habit Terminally and laterally on shoots and spurs Production Good (50 to 60 t/ha)
Chilling requirements Low Percentage Pack-out 68%**
Full bloom date 3rd week August** Storage ability Maximum 2 months

*Plant Breeders’ Rights: ARC Infruitec-Nitvoorbij
**Data obtained at Elgin Experimental Farm, Elgin, Western Cape and is not necessarily representative of other areas.